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At Food Industry Services, we are leading suppliers of high quality meat bandsaws and general bandsaw machinery designed to cut your time in half.  Running a fast paced hospitality business requires having the best bandsaw machines on hand, ready to cut and slice your food in seconds. Whether cutting dry or frozen meat, fish or vegetables, we sell a large range of bandsaws Australia wide for the hospitality, restaurant and food processing industries. 

From large to small machinery, we have something to suit every style of food business in need of top of the range meat and industrial bandsaws.  We pride ourselves on selling quality products and providing an exceptional service that is unrivalled in the industry. 

Given our extensive expertise in the food industry, we understand the unique requirements of our customers, and always endeavour to go above and beyond to ensure the best outcome for your hospitality needs. 





When only the best quality bandsaws will do, Food Industry Services can help your business thrive.

From cutting edge commercial bandsaws, meat bandsaws to industrial level bandsaws, we cater to all small, medium and large businesses. If you’re ready to elevate your food and hospitality operation from ordinary to extraordinary, our sales team is ready to assist with all your food servicing needs. 

The Mk 6 - Heavy Duty Meat Cutting Bandsaw

Streamline your meat cutting with the MK6- Heavy Duty Saw.  Easy to manoeuvre and clean, the 4KW motor feature makes it the ideal piece of equipment for cutting through frozen or fresh meat with absolute ease.  Speak to our sales team today to discuss your requirements. 


Automatic Bandsaw Machinery

Whether you’re interested in automating your business functions, minimising risk or increasing your daily food-processing productivity, our automatic bandsaws for sale will help your business accelerate and grow.  The new COMPACT RBC is designed to cut different kinds of food products through the automatic bandsaw with precision results. Depending on the size of your product, you can cut one or several pieces at the same time, making it a highly functional addition to every type of business including deli’s, supermarkets, food processing facilities and restaurants.