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Reduce spoilage & food degradation with our range of commercial tray sealing machines

If you’re packaging high volume food products and want to preserve the longevity of your produce, our range of tray sealer machines are designed to keep your food fresher for longer without spoiling. 


Benchtop MAP Tray Sealer

Also known as a vacuum tray sealer machine, our popular Benchtop MAP Tray Sealer is ideal for prolonging the shelf life of your food. Our benchtop unit is easy to use and store, taking up minimal space in your kitchen. 

It also comes with a gas injection function, providing your business with a fully automated system that packs and seals your food items seamlessly. When being used, the gas component will automatically adjust to the right level on the machine, ensuring perfect sealing consistency to the outskirts of the tray. 

At Food Industry Services, we strive to provide the best food tray sealers on the market today. Our food industry professionals are committed to ensuring your café; restaurant and hospitality business is equipped with the most reliable tray sealers money can buy. 


440 Freestanding Tray Sealer

As a hospitality business, there’s nothing more important than practicing good hygiene standards and maintaining optimal food quality at all times. 

At Food Industry Services, we understand the importance of having the right tray sealing machines that cater to your specific needs and requirements.  We pride ourselves on our range of high quality tray sealer machines and strive to deliver exceptional value across the food service industry.

Our innovative and unique 440 Freestanding Tray Sealer machine comes complete with gas flush packaging; and uses specific food- grade gases and special materials to assist in extending shelf life and maintaining food quality. 


We supply commercial food tray sealers to the hospitality industry Australia wide 

Whether you’re a food manufacturer, café, restaurant, winery or boutique supermarket, we supply premium food machinery products to suit your professional service needs and food preparation requirements.

We are proud to be leading suppliers of food tray sealers throughout Australia and continue to deliver exceptional service to all food related businesses looking for the best in commercial food equipment.