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Mauting JNR

Item Code: MautingJNR
Price:  Free

Mauting JNR

Item Code: MautingJNR
Price:  Free
Sorry, this item isn't presently available for purchase

The Mauting Smoking chamber JUNIOR is equipment designed for semi-automatic thermal treatment of the butchery products. It is suitable for small meat processing plant and also for restaurants. It makes possible to heat treatment of meat products, e.g. drying, smoking, cooking and frying up to 160°C in one cycle without further manipulation. It means that a microprocessor unit according to a chosen program controls technological process. User can easily create his own programs according to his needs. The smoking chamber is electrically heated. Electrical device is designed to flawless work under following climatic conditions:

Temperature: from +5 to +30°C
Relative humidity: 60 % by +30°C or 90 % by +20°C

Electric power of the device is quoted in the electro technical documentation. The machine is delivered for the electricity system 400/230V, 50 Hz.